SEPAC Board met with CUSD Leaders

SEPAC Board Members met tonight with Dr. Marshall and Larry Rather.  Larry is the Sr. Exc. Director for PK-12 Educational Services for CUSD (and Dr. Marshalls’ boss).  SEPAC wanted to pass along information that was shared tonight. 

~ Yes, some parents received phone calls today asking if they would like their child to receive IEP services in person, on campus, with a very small group of children supported by Special Education services.  These children will be meeting a few times a week for a few hours at a time.  The children that were selected for this in person service were children that struggled with engaging in online services during fourth quarter.  Now…I know where you are going to go with this….we all had children who struggled big time 4th quarter, but I am certain we can agree that there are a select few who truly need in person services as it is impossible to access learning virtually.  SEPAC is very thankful for this option and that CUSD is jumping on this.  With that said, it was told to us tonight that this is a beginning point with Special Education and it is their hope and plan to open up more and more for our children.  SEPAC is asking you to give them time, a whole lot of grace, and patience as they start with a few and then open to more when it is shown to be successful with CDC guidelines.

2.  Mask wearing….children with a disability who are not able to keep a mask, shield, or face protection on are protected under CDC guidelines for face coverings for children with a disability.  Please do not stress if your child cannot wear a mask, our children are covered (and will not be segregated) and their teachers and paras will work hard to keep them safe and socially distanced.

3.  Schools are going to be flexible this year and are permitting baseball type hats with face shields to be used as a face covering.

4.  We spoke of how paras will be used for virtual support and it was clear that both Dr. Marshall and Mr. Rather understand it is not ideal, however legally, no personnel is allowed to enter a home at this time; even home bound learning has ceased due to covid and legal hoops.  Again, the district is trying to get creative in this area and will hopefully have some ideas and new strategies in the coming weeks.

5.  SEPAC brought up the need for regular communication from the Special Education Department.  Dr. Marshall shared that they will be sending out a newsletter on a quarterly basis.  SEPAC respectfully suggested a monthly basis, especially during a pandemic.  Both Dr. Marshall and Mr. Rather seemed to be on board with that idea and SEPAC will continue to pursue accountability for that.

6.  Dr. Marshall shared they do not want to amend thousands of  IEPs and are open to being flexible and creative. 

SEPAC will continue to meet with Dr. Marshall and Mr. Rather, and in our effort to truly represent your voice, we will be transparent with you and work along side you to fight for your children.