Chandler Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC)
Meeting Minutes
Date August 7, 2019
Attendance: Kristen Plamenon, Dana Groom, Lisa Montez, Kara Swierz, and Amanda Rivas
Absent: Dena Berg, Erica Chaney, and Christina Nguyen
The regular meeting of the Chandler Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC) was called to order at 7pm on August 7, 2019 in Chandler, AZ at the Panera Bread Ocotillo/Arizona by Kristen Plamendon.
Approval of Agenda
The agenda was unanimously approved as distributed.
Approval of Minutes
The minutes of the previous meeting were unanimously approved as distributed (N/A)
Agenda Discussions
*Reviewed roles of the Chandler SEPAC members. Dana will maintain website after it is developed. Lisa will take over social media presence (Facebook and Twitter), Kristen to be President (no Co-President at this time) and Mandy and Kara will continue as secretary.
*Reviewed progress of website completion: Erica to provide us with link to website and Dana will maintain the website data. Deadline of August 16, 2019 to have website up and running.
*Logo-Lisa will coordinate with a designer for a Chandler SEPAC logo and t-shirt. Logo will go on letterhead, email signature, website, and t-shirt. Hashtag is #BeincludED. Twitter handle: @chandlerSEPAC
*New emails were created with firstname.sepac@gmail.com. Communication to be through email.
*Discussed attendance of CUSD Board meeting. Kara and Dana will try to attend August 14th meeting. Plans for all Chandler SEPAC members to attend the August 28 board meeting and to speak. Introduce our group and members. State our mission and vision. Our ask would be to be invited to sit at the table for the fall study session and to be notified of the date and time. Follow up the next day with a summary of our speech along with our ask. Invite board members to our next meeting.
*Discussed our first agenda as a board which is to develop a district wide policy for the SPED program that would prohibit the transferring of students to different schools. Discussion of what policy would look like should be in place by the first September CUSD board meeting. Lisa to contact Vanessa DiCarlo to be a part of the Chandler SEPAC and CUSD collaborative meeting. Mandy to contact child psychologist re: stability. Kara research from Susan Marks re: student mobility (transfers).
New Business

Agenda for Next Meeting

Meeting was adjourned at 9:10pm by Kristen Plamendon The next general meeting will be at 7pm on August 28th, at Panera Bread on Ocotillo/Arizona.
Minutes respectfully submitted by:
Amanda Rivas and Kara Swierz

Approved by:

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